The curriculum is based on CBSE directives and NCERT course.  All aspects of academics are taken care with due emphasis on interactive learning. Theory and practical are given due importance.

The core curriculum is designed to give students an in-depth mastery of the academic disciplines and applied functional areas.  The curriculum gives students balances of theoretical and practical knowledge that facilitates a learning environment where students learn analyze and apply- rather than merely know. The nurturing of a child’s academic curiosity and development is at the centre of our curriculum


The School has implemented the scheme of studies as per the CBSE Curriculum and follows the evaluation as suggested by CBSE in all the classes, CBSE envisages that every learner is to be evaluated over the entire period of learning schedule rather than a one-slot three hour examination at the end of a course of learning.

The CBSE is aiming at a system of evaluation which does not just mean measurement of the level of learning outcomes but more so an approach for further improving the system .  It needs to be diagnostic and formative in nature to provide remedial help to the students. We hope that with the cooperation and support of the parents, we shall be able to make a success of this system which is a path-breaking initiative taken by the CBSE to aspire for holistic development of the students in a conducive environment.


The Montessori Curriculum is an innovative learning framework that incorporates specific learning outcomes and knowledge skills that align with children’s developmental needs and interests.  In this way, the Montessori curriculum emphasizes learning as a process that cannot be determined by a child’s age.

Montessori Programs at our schools are defined by the practical application of sensory-based and self-directed learning through the authentic Montessori method. From the beginning, our experienced teachers prepare children to be focused, independent and innovative learners, as well as responsible, respectful and mindful individuals,

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